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With the popularity of cell phones and tablets, many gamers have switched to digital copies of their favorite gaming materials.  Thenodrin Games offers a PDF version of the Fellowship of the White Star: Beacon in the Dark Rosebud rules and campaign setting for the bargain price of $20.  This is a 50% saving off of the cover price of the printed version.  Plus, as it is a PDF nobody has to pay for shipping.   Intrigued, want to hear more…


Welcome to the Fellowship of the White Star (FWS). FWS is a role-playing game set in semi-historic post The Great War (WWI) earth, 1919-1929. Our system contains a unique blend of a supernatural investigation, group cooperation, and secret politics.

You take on the role of an agent in a secret society who hunts the supernatural while trying to protect the public from the hidden dangers from that lurk in the streets unseen. In this version of earth, magic exists and players participating in the worldwide shared campaign have a chance to change history.

To better represent our setting, we have created a new set of rules, Rosebud. This book serves as both the core rulebook and setting guide for the new ruleset. The rules in this book can be used for home or shared campaign play.

Please note:  This is now the final version of the file.


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