The Rosebud ruleset is the system used for the Fellowship of the White Star: Beacon in the Dark setting. Rosebud is designed for heavy role-playing and quick combats.

In the Beacon in the Dark setting, you are a member of a global secret society devoted to eradicating evil. Your character is tasked with protecting the innocent from the supernatural threats that lurk in the shadows.

The first era of the setting, Legacy of the Rose, was published by Thenodrin Presents and was set historically in the years 1905-1914 using D20 rules.  We have licensed the setting from them, and are producing the second era, Beacon in the Dark with a new ruleset.  Beacon in the Dark began 1919 and current plan is for 7-10 years.  Using D20 helped us develop a rich history on which to build. The Rosebud rule system was designed to better complement the world we created.

Our campaign is set in semi-historic, post-Great War (WWI) earth. Wanting to pick up from where Legacy of the Rose left off, we skipped the great war and began in 1919. The setting has a supernatural atmosphere that is hidden from the public common consciousness. In this version of earth, magic exists as does supernatural and legendary creatures.  You will create heroes to investigate suspicious events and battle evil supernatural beings and their malevolent plots. This is our core rules and setting book containing everything needed to create a character, play, and run the game.

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