One of the first teams of the Negro Baseball League

As a small company, we didn’t realize how important a public statement was in regards to the current political strife. After reading public statements from other small gaming companies, we feel something should be said.

Our game is set in the 1920s, and we usually avoid most racial tensions of the era.

Our artist provided us with archetypes that are, unfortunately, exclusively white because we did not specify race in our request and we still live in a world where many people unintentionally, perhaps, view white as the default. He delivered what he thought we wanted, we felt it was more important to keep to the publishing deadline than change what we received. Future publications will not share in that mistake.

We provide a game in which the impact of skin color is secondary to the impact of one’s actions as this is the world we want to live in. We do also recognize the racial attitudes of the historical setting we game in and do want to acknowledge it as tactfully and tastefully as possible when it is integral to the adventure.

We as a company and as individuals stand with the black Americans and other POC and their allies.

We wanted to showcase some of the African American heroes of our game time in honor of the BLM movement.

Harlem Jazz Players