Thenodrin Games, LLC is a company founded out of the desire to keep the role-playing setting, Fellowship of the White Star, alive. The original company, Thenodrin Presents, LLC, designed a 10-year plot arc and discontinued the setting after that decade of games was realized.

Thenodrin Games, LLC recognized that there was a strong fan base and the potential for the game to not only continue, but continue to grow as well. With over 100-years combined gaming experience, the five founders of Thenodrin Games, LLC intend to bring experience and vision to the established setting.

When Fellowship of the White Star was started, it was decided to utilize the Wizard of the Coast D20 SRD. It was decided to use an existing rule set for the setting. This allowed the designers to focus on making a rich setting with plenty of potentials.

Now, since Thenodrin Games, LLC has licensed the Fellowship of the White Star intellectual property, these designers can focus on making unique role-playing rules set to go with the established setting.

The basic thought process for the new rules is that large numbers are not inherently more fun than small numbers. Instead of looking for a Difficulty Class of 20, 30, or higher; players will be looking for a Threshold of 3, 4, or 6.

Also, the new rules are going to move away from the randomness of the D20 and towards the randomness of individual dice. Instead of rolling a die and adding a modifier, a player will roll multiple dice and see which ones, if any, “succeed.”

The intent is to make a rules system as unique as the setting it is used for. These rules are currently being playtested by four different groups of people, all looking for ways to “break” the game and brainstorming ways to prevent such “breaks” from occurring in tournament play.