Thenodrin Games is always looking for new places to bring our games. As a small game company, we are not able to attend every convention we would like to. If you would like to run Fellowship of the White Star at your convention, please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you.

Find Us This Year at:

June 19-24, 2024
Greater Columbus Convention Center

Our Schedule

Event NumberEvent NumberEvent NumberStart TimeStart Time
2892FWS A2401: The Information StationWednesday2:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2891FWS B2401: The RiderWednesday2:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2890FWS Open Library AWednesday2:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2889FWS Open Library B
2:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2888FWS A2402: The Vaticinator Vaccine
7:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2887FWS B2402: To Be Determined
7:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2886FWS Open LibraryWednesday7:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2885FWS A2401: The Information StationThursday8:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2884FWS A2403: Christmas in JulyThursday8:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2893FWS Open LibraryThursday8:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2894FWS A2402: The Vaticinator VaccineThursday1:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2895FWS A2404: The Aural ArtsThursday1:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2896FWS Open LibraryThursday1:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2897FWS A2403: Christmas in JulyThursday6:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2898FWS A2405: The Ferryman’s ObelThursday6:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2899FWS B2401: The RiderThursday6:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2900FWS Open LibraryThursday6:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2901FWS A2401: The Information StationFriday8:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2902FWS A2404: The Aural ArtsFriday8:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2903FWS B2402: To Be DeterminedFriday8:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2904FWS Open LibraryFriday8:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2905FWS A2402: The Vaticinator VaccineFriday1:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2906FWS A2405: The Ferryman’s ObelFriday1:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2907FWS B2401: The RiderFriday1:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2908FWS Open LibraryFriday1:00 PMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2909FWS A2403: Christmas in JulyFriday6:00 PMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2910FWS B2402: To Be DeterminedFriday6:00 PMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2911FWS Open LibraryFriday6:00 PMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2912FWS A2404: The Aural ArtsSaturday8:00 AMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2913FWS B2401: The RiderSaturday8:00 AMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2914FWS Open LibrarySaturday8:00 AMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2915FWS A2405: The Ferryman’s ObelSaturday1:00 PMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2916FWS B2402: To Be DeterminedSaturday1:00 PMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
2917FWS Open LibrarySaturday1:00 PMHyatt – 1st Floor – Nationwide
5495FWS A2406: The Locked Gates (Live Action RPG)Saturday6:00 PMGCCC- Union Station Ballroom BZ
2918FWS B2401: The RiderSunday9:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2919FWS B2402: To Be DeterminedSunday9:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison
2920FWS Open LibrarySunday9:00 AMHyatt 1st Floor – Harrison