Year 0 Module Collection



These are the First 4 modules that were used during the campaign playtesting.

The package includes:

C1801: A Walk-On Part In The War by Victor Long (Characters Provided)

It is April 1918; and the Fellowship has a special mission for a group to penetrate the German border and infiltrate Amiens. A German captain has been targeted by Semper Fi who has asked the Fellowship for help in eliminating him. This is because the Fellowship has experience combatting Death’s Heads. Characters are provided.

C1901: We’ll Always Have Paris by Victor Long (Characters Provided)

A simple mission to deliver information turns complex when the information gatherer is the victim of an assassin of a rival qabal. An introductory Fellowship of the White Star module with characters provided using the Rosebud rules system, taking place on Monday, March 10, 1919.

B1901: It’s Good To Be The King by Victor Long

Supernatural forces are influencing the Paris Peace Talks. With so many dignitaries representing so many different points of view, can you determine who is being controlled by whom? Thursday, May 15, 1919.

B1902: Tooth and Claw by Ray Rickets

Deep in the Florida Everglades, gruesome and mysterious deaths have drawn the attention of the Fellowship of the White Star. Can you discover what horrors lurk in the deep swamp? An event for Fellowship characters in the Rosebud system set on Saturday, July 12, 1919.




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