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Beacon in the Dark Campaign Setting

A campaign set 100 years in the past, you are in a secret society that investigates and eradicates the supernatural.

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Beacon in the Dark: Monster Compendium

Beacon in the Dark: Magic Book

Beacon in the Dark: Secret Society Guide

Fantasy Setting: A high-magic world where the question is not of good and evil, but traditions versus change.
Fear the Dark: The world has went dark. Three years ago, Beings from beyond Space and Time overtook the planet earth with the intention to eradicate humanity. The gods turned on each other each wanting to secure the most power. This gave mankind a chance to survive.

Finally the god war subsided, and the remaining gods have established themselves as Lords of Earth. Each cosmic being has taken a part of earth to rule as their own kingdom. The surviving humanity has to fight each day not to give into fear and dispair.

Card Games

Coming Soon*

Human Resources: A deck-building game where you take on the role of a small temp agency trying to outdue your competition, and make the most money.

Indie Wrestling Road Trip: You take on the role of a wrestler trying to make it into the big leagues. Starting in the backyard rings of the local matches do you have what it takes to advance to the big show.

*Still in playtesting. Subject to change

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